martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Message from OCLAE to students and youth of the Continent

Friends all, lovers of unity and freedom, defenders of the rights of the young people of Our America and the world. The Latin American and Caribbean Continental Students Organization (OCLAE) in the year of its 45th anniversary of its foundation, in August 11, 1966 is full of joy to have such a force loyal to its founding principles. The call to develop our 16th Latin American and Caribbean Students Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay is in your hands. The Latin American student movement known for its militancy, commitment and courage, will not disappoint the legacy of the founding fathers of our continent, the teachings of Che Guevara and the guidance of our undefeated Fidel Castro.

Conscious of the times in which we live in the middle of a world increasingly affected by neoliberal policies and a deep economic crisis, food, environmental and energy with which the new generations have the responsibility to seek alternative solutions, thus preserving human life. Students and young people around the world, let's get together in close ranks to prevent the wars that lead to the destruction of the planet, let us claim for the right to peace"

For Our America: education, unity and freedom.
President of OCLAE

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